Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Can see right through you!!!

 Hello This is my last post here on Violet Mafia blog page. I wanted to thanks everyone who click my links to view my pictures it means alot to me<3 I do have my own blog page if you wish to follow posted below
Once again thank You and have a great Second Life everyone.



Monday, 17 October 2011

Gregore at Camilla's!

Nothing wrong with donning a tuxedo and rocking out all formal right? Wish someone had told this sprite that tuxedos are generally worn with shoes and on MEN!

Who cares though, she looks HOOOOT! And you will two if you stop by Camilla's and get this outfit!


Skin/Ears/Makeup - Plastik ~ Ataciara Melody!
Barefeet - SLink ~ Jolie Pied for Kids Flat Pivot Feet
Hair - Truth ~ Kalista Streaked in Copper
Outfit - Camilla's ~ Gregore

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Country Diva!

Days for a country girl are simple, look cute in my work boots and short shorts and lazy away in the field with a bit of straw in my mouth! Somewhere in between taking care of the animals, and the endless chores right? At least I look sexy!


Outfit: Vengeful Threads Country Diva (299L) ~ NEW ITEM!!!
Hair: Truth Gisselle in Copper (250L)
Shoes: Duh! Work boots in black (25L)
Skin: Heartsick Enchant in bliss! (350L)
Shape: Crazy Intentions Country Girl Available for Violet Mafia Members free! Violet Mafia HQ